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Our partners consist of members from the community who have volunteered to carry out the mission of the organization by participating in one of two forums: the Professional Network or the Leadership Council. We also have front line staff who are Whole Child Connectors.

Professional Network

The Professional Network is primarily comprised of local providers who serve as the voice for identifying community needs, determining appropriate strategies for addressing these needs, and serve as the conduit for implementing Whole Child Manatee activities. They provide advocacy to Whole Child Manatee on behalf of families and providers, and share their knowledge of best practices to develop specific strategies.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is comprised of community business leaders who are instrumental in promoting and providing community change. They take the leadership role in spreading the responsibility for Whole Child Manatee's success across the community. The Leadership Council serves as the primary advocate for outreach to and work in specific business and community groups.

Whole Child Connectors

The Whole Child Connector group is comprised of all who respond to service requests from the Whole Child Connection for their organization. They manage their organizations' program description page on the resource page of the Whole Child. They have input in our community calendar and in getting the current events notices out to all Whole Child Partners.

Download-able Whole Child Partner and Collaborative Organization Promotional Material

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