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Manatee's Commitment to Children

Whole Child Manatee believes that all children deserve the right to develop to their full potential and become contributing members of their community. We will focus on children ages 0-6 in order to build a solid foundation upon which future development can thrive. Our goal is for every member of our community to join in this commitment and make it a reality.

Together, we will work to ensure that all children, 0 to 6 will:

  • Attain physical, intelectual and spiritual well-being by:
  • having access to health care, including mental, behavioral, dental and nutritional care, with emphasis on preventative care
  • receiving early and continuous assessment of developmental progreaa and early intervention
  • having access to quality early childhood education and development involving parents and families as essential partners
  • developing respect for others, appreciation for diversity, tolerance, and the ability to solve problems constructively

Experience strong family attachment:

  • feeling loved and valued
  • living in a safe and caring home, free form neglect, physical and mental abuse
  • living in families that have the opportunity to gain adequate income and support to be the primary providers of love, nurturing , security and stability for thier children

Have a sense of hope:

  • a feeling that they are not alone; a positive connection to their community and the confidence to explore and discover the possibilities of life

LIve in an environment that encourages her/him to succeed:

  • in safe neighborhoods that provide opportunities to play outside and interact with other children and adults in a clean and healthy environment