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A Whole Child community is one that provides all children with the opportunity to be healthy, contributing members of society, based on the belief that parents have primary responsibility and that the community is a partner with parents in this endeavor.

Whole Child Manatee is a community-wide effort to get our children off to the best start in life by ensuring they have everything they need to thrive. Families with young children often need help: some lack education, information or economic stability, or they may simply not know where to go for help. Many working families struggle due to a lack of time, information or adequate child care. Some families are strained by the demands of caring for young children or dealing with a child with special physical or emotional needs.

Communities that come together in support of the Whole Child philosophy and make a commitment may become a designated Whole Child Community by the Lawton Chiles' Foundation. For more information contact Loranne Ausley, Senior Advisor, at loranne@ausley.net

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