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Here are three ways to access information about community services and resources.

The Whole Child Profile
The Whole Child Profile is available through the Whole Child Connection. By responding to a series of questions families can create a confidential "snapshot" of your family, a customized plan which helps them find what they are looking for and more.

We urge every parent to complete the profile, whether they need services or not. By taking a "census" of our youngest residents, Manatee County will be better able to meet the needs of all our children and families. Collected data can be used to support funding requests to expand or create needed services in the community. Click and be counted!

Here’s how it works:

  • Answer questions about your children and family. This is your family’s Whole Child Profile.
  • The system matches your family to Community Services and Activities
  • The services or activities you choose create your family’s confidential Whole Child Plan.
  • If desired, a Whole Child Advisor can help you complete your profile or explain community services.
  • With your username and password you can re-enter your profile at any time to change responses and find other services or activities you might want in the future

Get Connected! Click here to complete the Whole Child Profile

Whole Child Advisor
The position of Whole Child Advisor is designed to assist the community in realizing the vision: “Imagine, a community where everyone works together to make sure children thrive.” Advisors are available to help individual families organize and focus their Whole Child Plan and train providers in the use of the Whole Child Connection. The community-wide network of advisors and resource connectors are dedicated to assisting families with children identify their needs and connect them with those service providers who can help meet those needs. This network assists Whole Child Manatee build a “no wrong door” culture and fulfill its 10 commitments to children by using the Whole Child Connection.

The Whole Child Advisor assists families complete the Whole Child profile, trains providers on how to utilize the system and the importance of the Whole Child Connection, and serves as a family advocate.

Click here to Connect to Manatee's Whole Child Advisors

Download Whole Child Release of Information (ROI) Form

Parent Resource Page
Whether you are looking to learn more about any number of family interests, such as a specific health topic, art and science for kids; or to orient yourself in the community by investigating educational or emergency service options, this page offers you an array of links. Click here for the Parent Resource Page.