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How Whole Child Works

The Whole Child Connection:

  • Enables parents to examine their situation and make decisions about appropriate services and activities to meet the needs of their children
  • Electronically and quickly links parents to available services
  • Strengthens accountability on the part of providers to be responsive
  • Provides the community with immediate information on family needs, local providers and gaps in the system of care
  • Ultimately moves families toward self-sufficiency, children toward healthy, productive lives and communities toward overall enhanced quality of life

The Whole Child Connection is a comprehensive web-based service delivery system that helps Manatee County families access the services they need to enhance their quality of life or often simply make ends meet.

Here's how it works:

Parents can complete a profile about their family on this web site.

The system identifies all the appropriate providers for the family.

The services you choose create your family's confidential Whole Child Plan. It can cover the whole range of possible needs a family might have, many that are vital: health care, insurance, housing, child care, school readiness, special needs programs, parenting education and so much more.

If you choose, a Whole Child Advisor can help you complete your profile or explain community services.

Families can be connected with the respective providers quickly and easily, either through the internet or on the phone.

The Whole Child Connection in Manatee County went live in March of 2003 and has provided access to more than 250 social service programs and community activities. Currently the Whole Child Connection has referred more than 3,500 families to the appropriate social services and community groups in Manatee County.

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