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Manatee County Now

The following statistics are based on Whole Child family profiles submitted between June 1, 2010 and June 1, 2011.

Top 50% and over referral generated needs:

Dentist for children under age 6 72%
Information about community activities for family 68%
Childcare/Preschool for children under age 6 55%
Runs out of money before food, shelter and clothing needs met 54%
Information about Housing 54%
Doctor for themselves & rest of family 53%
Information about job placement, training, GED, ESOL
or higher education classes
Information related to women's health 51%

Whole Child Manatee Highlights

  • New Whole Child Brochures have been designed and printed! Contact us at 941-749-3059 for copies.Download the .pdf here in English and Spanish
  • Manatee County Government is supporting the construction of a new WIC Center which is planned for opening in November of 2010.
  • In the past fiscal year dedicated staff have attended over 200 family events, and local provider & statewide meetings working evenings and week-ends, distributing over 20,000 ½ page flyers Eng/Spanish and family tax benefit information to such organizations as the school district, Head Start, Whole Child providers, job fairs, businesses, Kindergarten round-ups, family events, the Children’s Summit, faith-based events and Health Fairs
  • Whole Child staff provide ongoing technical assistance to organizations as they become more aware of the multiple needs of families and how to empower them through the linkage to over 300 resources listed on the Whole Child Connection
  • Large Groups that provide services to families: school board social workers and nurses, Safe Children Coalition, Child Protective Services, child care providers, Guardian Ad Litem volunteers, VISTA Volunteers and community volunteers have registered for and received universal passwords in order to utilize the search engine.